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  • Maria of Khabarovsk, Russia, 32
    I had many concerns about studying English all the way to Cebu, however, Universe English School Cebu has a very kind Russian coordinator who picked me up at the airport, helped me and answered many questions for me which made me very comfortable throughout my stay.
    Coming from -20°C Russia, Cebu’s weather was like paradise.
    Also, there were excellent teachers who were passionate about teaching and the quality of the class amazed me. There were students from other countries, so after the lessons, I had the chance to talk in English which help improved my English skill. I made some Japanese friends, and when I return home to Russia, I would like to keep in touch with them.
  • Sergei of Khabarovsk, Russia, 12
    I just started learning English in Russia, so I decided to join Universe English School Cebu to learn English. I worried a lot at first but a very kind Russian coordinator was there who was like a big sister to me, so I felt comfortable. The teachers were very kind and nice to me, too.
    During a weekend activity, we went island hopping and I enjoyed the barbeque at the beach.
    Now I can speak a little bit in English. I made some Japanese friends and I would like to keep in touch with them.
  • Evgenia of Komsomolsk, Russia, 33
    My English ability is super beginner but the lesson was done one-on-one and the teacher was very kind and detailed. I think I improved my English a little bit. The school building, classroom and accommodation were excellent and I liked it very much.
    Being a foreigner, I worried about the safety, but the school and the accommodation were both facing the main streets of Cebu City and I felt very safe.
    In the afternoon, the communication class was fun and I always joined in.
    I liked the buffet breakfast in the hotel and I enjoyed it every morning.
  • Kenji Yamanaka of Osaka, Japan
    I already have a pretty good English foundation. I came to Cebu to enjoy the tropical life and brush up my English skills.
    I was impressed that all the teachers could speak perfect American English with perfect pronunciation.
    The curriculums that fit students from different countries, student care, management and accommodation were considered for foreign students. Being Japanese, I felt comfortable that the school had a Japanese coordinator.
    Aside from Russians, the school had other foreign students so I was able speak English with them all the time.
  • Akira Naruse of Chiba, Japan
    I heard from a friend that there was a Japanese-owned school made for multi-national students so I took the challenge of coming down to Cebu.
    Most lessons were private lessons and the teachers had perfect American English. Comparing the rates for studying in the US, it was much easier for me to study in Cebu.
    The school, classroom and accommodation were all very clean and located in a safe area. I enjoyed my study experience comfortably.
    The school and accommodation were located in a very convenient area so I did not have any problems with daily life there. Breakfast in the hotel was very good. I would like to come back again.