• Fun & Learning English School in Cebu, Philippine. We promise to provide you with the educational value in luxurious environment to develop to your full potentials.


Do you have airport pick-up?

Yes, we do. On the day of the student’s/students’arrival, one of our staff will be waiting at the airport with the student’s/students’name(s) on the signboard.

How safe is UEC’s location?

The locations of most ESL schools in Cebu are not facing the main street. There are some dangerous areas in downtown Cebu and Mactan Island. However, UEC is in a very safe area located in midtown Cebu facing General Maxilom Avenue (popularly known as Mango Avenue). Please do not worry.

How can I pay?

Please deposit your school payment in UEC’s designated bank account.

Can you tell me something about the lessons?

Each lesson lasts for fifty (50) minutes. In the morning, there are four (4) private lessons. In the afternoon, there is a communication lesson for one to two (1-2) hours.
There are no classes on Saturdays and Sundays but there are activities on those days that students are welcome to attend.
UEC’s school policy is flexible. There is NO PENALTY if you cannot make it on time for the class.

How much allowance do I need monthly?

Usually $250 - $350/ month is enough, but to be sure, it would be better to prepare a bit more just in case.
The taxi flag rate is about USD $1.00 (Php 40.00). A prepaid mobile phone costs at least USD $25.00 (Php 1,000.00)
If you have additional questions or inquiries, please ask the administration office for assistance.

Can I use a mobile phone from my home country?

Yes, you can. However, you may be billed an extremely higher rate so we strongly advise that you purchase a local prepaid mobile phone.

I cannot speak English at all. Will I be okay?

Our school is mainly for private lessons so we provide a curriculum for each student. Please do not worry.

Because of work, I can only study for a maximum of one week. Is that okay?

Everyday (except Sundays and Philippine holidays), you will have an intensive one-on-one lesson for a minimum of five (5) hours. A month’s worth of group lessons can be done in a day.

I want to study English in the Philippines. How do I choose a school?

There are many things you need to consider, but first, please be careful if the school is too cheap because there must be a reason why it is cheap.
It may be different from how others introduce their school. They may be located in dangerous and/or inconvenient areas. Their school facilities’ dormitory accommodation may not be like what you see in their photos.
The food may not also be suitable for everyone which may cause health problems.
They call it “group lesson”, but it is like the teacher-centered (one-way) teaching method for public schools.
Please consider the curriculum, service, school and living condition before you decide to choose a school.
The students’ purpose is to study, not just to be on vacation. Daily convenience is very important when choosing the school to study.
You should avoid, most especially, schools located where you always need to get a taxi.

I would like to do marine sports. What should I do?

During the weekend, it is possible to go to Bohol Island to see the Chocolate Hills, Oslob (south Cebu) for whaleshark-watching, etc. You may ask the UEC staff for more information.

How do I choose between schools with long study hours, short study hours, Spartan classes or progressive (flexible) classes?

Learning English depends on personal concentration, however, a maximum of 4-5 hours is the limit to concentrate on private lessons. Please be realistic about your study plan and choose your school wisely. The school which offers an unrealistic curriculum is what you should not choose.

I heard that Filipino English has an accent. Is that true?

Our school only hires teachers that can speak perfect American English.

How long is the shortest plan to enroll in your school?

Basically, we offer classes for a minimum of one (1) week, but you can have them less than a week upon request.

When should I come to your school?

Please come on Sunday. On Monday, classes begin after the orientation. Negotiation is possible so please feel free to ask.

Do you have a curfew?

No, we do not have a curfew or strict school rules. We are a flexible ESL school, but it would be best for you to be home by 10pm on a school day.

Do you have other holidays besides Saturday and Sunday?

We follow Philippine national holidays and Cebu provincial holidays. In those days, we do not have classes. We do not refund the days of the national and provincial holidays.

Can I connect to the internet?

In deluxe hotels, the rooms have free WiFi. In reasonable hotels, extra charge for WiFi may apply. However, most cafes and restaurants in Cebu City have free WiFi.

What should I do with my valuables?

In deluxe hotels, the rooms have safety deposit boxes for you to use. In reasonable hotels, the safety deposit boxes are available at the front desk.

What should I do when I get sick?

UEC has a nurse stationed. Please ask the staff so they can inform the nurse.
Also, we have hospitals nearby with Japanese staff available to help you consult a doctor easily. Just in case, please get overseas travel insurance for emergency purposes.

What should I bring from home?

You should bring medicines, cosmetics or anything else special; otherwise, other things can be purchased locally. Also, please bring long-sleeved clothing and a dictionary.

Where can I change money to Philippine Peso (Php)?

At the airport, please change a small amount of money to Peso. Money changers are available everywhere to change your money.
International ATM cards can be used in ATM machines in the city.