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	Learning a language needs a proper method, a proper environment, and a teacher’s passion for teaching (and a student’s strong determination to learn).

What is PLPR Method?



To make your English studies abroad effective, we strongly advise you to prepare before your lessons. You may have experienced in your former school that without any kind of preparation, you did not do so well. As with learning English, attending lessons without preparation will make it difficult for you to catch up with the curriculum. You could not expect good enough study results.
You may not have the same opportunity to study abroad again. To ensure that you can build a solid English-speaking foundation, we strongly advise you to prepare before your lessons.

Learning (Building Vocabularies and Sentence Structures)

There are things that we would not be able to speak out without memorizing.
Understanding English by just reading and listening is not enough to be used in conversation. Gaining knowledge of vocabularies and sentence structures will enrich the explanation that is spoken out from the mouth. This can be done in the class where you can actively practice repeatedly with the teachers based on their demonstrations and explanations.


Your English speaking skill does not improve just by memorizing an English essay or just by building vocabularies and sentence structures.
You can study by building vocabularies and sentence structures and by writing essays for your examinations and read them aloud, but that does not give you the ability to carry on a conversation.
Conversation takes place when you answer the other speaker’s question correctly and vice-versa.
For that to happen, conversation training in private lessons with teachers would be the best way.
However, private lessons in Japan, the US, the UK, Australia, etc. can be very expensive.
The advantage of studying abroad in Cebu is the availability of private lessons at reasonable rates.
Graduating with an English Literature degree cannot make you bilingual because teachers who are native speakers of English that teach this subject only use this way of asking: “Do you understand?”, and the class naturally answers “Yes”, but of course, that kind of approach cannot make you improve your English.


It is very important to review what you have learned in the lessons. To ensure the improvement of your English skill, we strongly advise you to practice what you learn in each lesson.
Sorting out and trying to understand by reviewing what you have learned in the lessons each day will surely help you improve your English skill.